Brass Ring Arbiter

G2 Nation,

Hope you are all doing well. It has been a minute since we posted. I will fix that soon. No reason I shouldn’t be posting updates here weekly.

Ok – So this Brass Ring Arbiter is awesome. We added a gram overall to the rim weight. The switch just from SS to Brass would have made a 2 gram change so we might some slight updates to keep that at 1. Total weight just under 65g on this version.

Brass Ring Arbiter

A few other house keeping items on this throw. The brass can tarnish over time. You can let it age to give it a rustic look, or you can polish it back up, your call entirely. The second item is the tuning of the yoyo. This usually isn’t a thing, but with the extra rim weight it can cause some vibe issues. When you take it apart you might notice a slight vibe, tighten in a bit more or less and that should take care of the issue.

Thanks for reading!

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