Tester Banshee Drop 5/15/20

G2 Nation,

Today we drop the two tester Banshee colorways that i used from the suggestions on instagram. First we have the gunmetal with orange splash – Iron Oxide.

Iron Oxide Banshee

The second tester color way is a aqua with clear and blue speckles, Pacific Blast.

Pacific Blast Banshee

Both of these are very limited because they were just testers to see if i liked how to colors came out. 6 total of each were made, 1 of each are going to the suggesters of the color combos. After assembly and testing we ended up with 3 of each for the website. May you be fast to checkout.

We are also going to be releasing the Reaper in one of our staple colorways – Andromeda. One of my all time favorite colors, I think we have done it one every monumental since the Triton. (excluding the OC)

Andromeda Reaper

I mean.. I don’t have to say much, its just a great color. We will have 10 of these available. 16 total yoyos for tonights drop. (If the mystery SS from last drop gets leaked, I might still add those tonight. If not we will let those go out next week)

Thanks for reading, hope you have an incredible weekend and are able to snag a new yoyo tonight.

8pm eastern in the store.

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