Cold Brew Reaper

G2 Nation,

I am making an attempt to make blog posts about new releases and restocks this year.

So let’s catch up first. We have 3 new products in the store right now. Respawn owners will rejoice, we now have pads and bearings in stock. Pads are nice to change often on the Respawn if you like it to be snappy responsive. Lubing the bearing weekly will also help with that.

We stocked a nice winter beanie. It’s got a dope leather patch. I think there’s only 3 left, go cop now if you want it.

Ok that catches us up to today’s drop. The amazing Cold Brew Reaper and Pecan Brown Respawn. The Reapers are all glitches due to a minor minor vibe – you might not even notice. But you will notice the savings, $35 off retail! The Respawn are limited to 5 pieces. I had some brown ones made and engraved as Christmas presents. These are the left overs that didn’t get engraved. I really like them, kept one for myself. 😎 Both is these will go live on the 16th at 8pm est

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