G2 Diamond Blend

When you buy a premium yoyo from a boutique company it only seems fitting to complement it with a string created with the same level of expertise and passion. The G2 Diamond Blend was created to enhance your boutique throwing experience by extending that premium feel and quality from the yoyo to your throw finger, leaving no weak link in the chain and no hindrance upon your creativity.

The Diamond Blend is composed of a proprietary formulation of soft nylon and ZipLine polyester core thread, specifically tailored for G Squared Yoyos. It excels at air cutting whips, reliable binds, and extended performance. The sensation over the fingers is a combination of that slick/soft feel you get from nylon, and the firm rigidness found in performance type polyester strings – pulling from the best of both worlds. These can easily outlast standard polyester strings by several times, have in extremely slow fraying period, and feel nicer and nicer as they break in.

With G2 Diamond Blend, we use only the finest ingredients that are currently available in combination with a great deal of consideration and preference direction from Jacob Gross. We’ve gone through dozens of test trails and have experimented with different approaches, techniques, and as many variations of each that we could possibly come up with. Along the way we’ve even torn everything down that we’d worked for and started from scratch with newly found materials, all while using a variety of the best G2 yoyos out there for testing. Not only are you getting premium level materials and methodology in string making, you’re also getting something that’s perfectly suited for G Squared products. In our book this is a total win, and we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve created together. 

From Jeremy: I liken the Diamond Blend unto a high grade audio cable being paired with a premium microphone. When I was working in the audio industry, it was always a topic of conversation amongst engineers that it was an insult to a boutique microphone to be paired with a dinky low grade microphone cable. It’s a rookie move that is often corrected after lots of trial and error and years of experience. Sure the cheap microphone cable will do it’s job of transferring the sound from the microphone to the sound board, but it’s extremely likely that many of the nuances will be lost in translation along the way; you’ll sacrifice the beautiful high frequency harmonics and the definition in the subsonic low frequencies; the sound isn’t nearly as three dimensional; you may introduce unwanted noise and frequency smearing, and the list goes on. However, while a high grade premium cable may cost in the upwards of $70, it will be much more capable of transferring as much of that beautiful sound as humanly audible. Audio Engineers consider this to be the “perfect pairing” when there are no weak links in the audio chain; when there is no degradation whatsoever in the audio signal, from sound source to the audio recording device. While Jake and I were coming up with a string blend that would be exclusive to the G2 store, this is the exact concept that I was trying to help achieve. I feel really confident that we’ve struck something special with this one.

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