TiShee Preorder

G2 Nation,

It’s finally here. We have been talking about this for what seems like years. You kept asking for it, I kept saying no. You finally talked me into it, and I couldn’t be happier with the final results. Even if it did take 3 proto sessions to get right. We did it, it’s a great titanium yo-yo. Thank you for pushing me to make it. ❤️

So you want one? Simple place your preorder on Friday. There will be two half hour windows for you to do so. 8-8:30 am est and 8-8:30 pm est. There is no limit on the number of units sold, just the small preorder windows. So if you show up to order during that time, you will get one.

The preorder is your deposit. This way I know you want one and won’t back out when it’s tome to ship. It’s $75 and non refundable.

I plan to have these ready to ship in mid to late August. But if you’re coming to worlds I want to do my best to hand deliver it to you. Either you can come to the G2HQ cookout or meet up at the contest. ???? The rest of your payment will be due then.

You will have the option for raw, copper, or black. (Blasted is much riskier to do, so we will have a 5 minute window to order those on Monday) I’ll have options if you want multiples, $40 off if you get two. $75 off your total if you get 3. I’ll email after your order to see what colors you wanted.

Certificates will be made and shipped with your TiShee. Numbers will be assigned randomly.

Specs –
Diameter – 55.96
Width – 43.05
Weight – 65.75ish grams
Bearing – Boss Ripper
Pads – G19s
String – G2 x Ziplines Diamond Blend
Spins – Good
Sparks – Yes

Thanks for the love and support. It’s going to be an epic month of maildays when these start showing up.


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