1/30 Proto Drop

G2 Nation,

Cleaning up my office the other day an decided it was time to let these old protos run free. We have a pretty decent variety that will be going up at 8pm est on Wednesday.

First up we have the oldest, the original Ghost proto. More of a collectors piece as it doesn’t play very well. It needed more rim weight, and a lot of it.

We also have the V2 going up, which played the best. I think it played a bit better than the full run because it was small batch and more attention was placed on it, or I am just imagining it…

These were super dusty. From years ago, when we started a project with YYWS that never worked out. The Kraken V1. Plays pretty well, maybe a bit on the heavier side. Marvel inspired.

This bimetal has been in my current rotation for the past month. The thing slays, I just want to fine tune it a bit on the rim and add some width that our competition players have been asking for.

Last but not least we have the Life V1. A collaboration between A/rt and G2 that we will have more details on in the future. Super limited. This won’t be dropping exactly at 8pm because I don’t want the cart to oversell. Only very slight changes were made to the production model. This thing just makes you happy to be alive.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Thanks for reading,


Ooops! Completely forgot about this one.. Not a wolf but looks like a wolf. It’s bigger, badder, and a whole lot of fun.

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