12/26/18 Releases

Good Morning!

First I hope all of you that celebrated had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great day filled with family and fun at the G2HQ. Jonah was old enough to enjoy it this year, and it was so much fun. That kid brings so so so many smiles to my face. Ok back to the yoyos.

Big drop schedule for today.
8am Freedom Banshee 2018’s

11am Greyscale Swirl Tester Marvels

1pm Mutated Stros Swirl

3pm Mystic Mist Banshee 2018

5pm Deep Purple Aftershock

One of of the other items I wanted to address is the B18 glitches in todays drop. These are almost all smooth but have little marks under the ano. It was really hard to capture them in pictures but the way I found them was using my fingernail testing them while they were spinning. The anodizer stacked the yoyo halves when they were raw before or after the blasting and the way some of them hit together it left the indent – therefor causing the glitch. So thats what they were discounted for, shouldn’t be an issue going forward but I have weirder things happen.

Thank you all for the incredible support in 2018, this should be the last release of the year and it has been a truly amazing one.


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