9/13 drop

G2 Nation,

Yeah, it has been a little while. I am still having a hard time making myself post the releases here. One step at a time. So today, we have a big drop. Beater Banshee!! Yeah, the ones Jonah pre dinged for you, leaving you no excuse no to use them as your everyday carry!

Also we have some J grade wolves, these didn’t hit cement, but they are glitches that Jonah pulled off the office shelf. 2 foot drop maybe, still play great.

Last but not least we have the Red Vs Blue Elite. A happy little accident, these were supposed to be unicorn fades but the pink came out red. No biggie, I am a huge fan of these. The red and blue look incredible with the iridescent rims.

Hope you have an incredible rest of the week!


Oh yeah, drop time 7pm edt.