Case File 003

G2 Nation,

Let’s start with a quick refresh about the case file series. I wanted a way to produce unique designs, that wouldn’t necessarily have mass appeal. Designs that would be still be prototyped, but limited to a single run for sale, then moving on to the next design. 001, 002, 003 all were focused around the finger spin design. 003 being the most unique of them all. An undersized stepped organic bimetal.

The 003 specs –
Diameter 50.6mm
Width – 41.5mm
Weight – 62 grams
Bearing – Boss Rage
Pads – G19s
Axle – 6mm

There are 4 colors of the 003. Royal blue (sold at contests) Deep purple and Steel (releasing Thursday 8pm edt) and a 4th colorway that will be released later this summer. In total 100 were made and only about 70 passed our QC, so numbers are limited but still in line with our one and done case file policy.

Overall I am a big fan of the 003. It’s the first case file I wish was a normal production yoyo, but staying true to the plan it will remain a 1 and done.

Much love for all of the support, your guys are going to truly enjoy this one!


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