5/24/18 Large Restock

G2 Nation,

Trying something new this drop. We are going big. We have 4 colorways dropping. 2 banshee, a pelican, and an AL7 Elite. Usually we don’t drop this many yoyos at once. I’m testing this out to see if it’s a better option for you guys. I think you will have more time to order Vs the smaller drops. Not sure if we will be talking hours or weeks I haven’t dropped this many yoyos in a while.

Just an FYI these will take a couple days to ship, they will not all be out the next morning like on our usual drops.

Oh, one other small note. Taking some time off after this drop so don’t expect anything restocked as quickly as normal.

Drop time is 6pm edt in the G2 Store on Thursday 5/24/18

Much love,


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