3/13/18 Drop

G2 Nation,

Apologies for the lack of a write up about this drop. Hopefully, you’re following the Instagram account G2_Drops for all the latest release times. If not you should be, and turn on those notifications so you don’t have to worry about if Instagram is placing the post in your feed. We won’t spam you, just one post per drop.

Ok… So tonight we have some great stuff! The Brass Elite 2018s that we did not send to PNWR are now ready to go. The look great and play even better. Maybe our best yoyo? Shh, don’t tell the 18 Banshee. Speaking of we will be dropping some of those in the Emerald City colorway. Green with a clear splash. It’s really nice!

Anyway, see it on the site tonight at 7pm eastern time if you’re interested!

Thanks for all the love and support,


PS if you miss out the wait for the next batch will be quicker then you think, and hopefully as visually appealing.

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