G2 Unicorn Fade Week

G2 Nation,

We have something fun planned this week. To celebrate the best fade in yoyos, the Unicorn fade. We are going to be doing a fun little contest, and posting some great photos every morning on our Instagram.

To enter the contest all you need to do is post a picture of your G2 unicorn to Instagram. Tag @gsquaredyoyos and use the hashtag #g2unicorn. Now for the contest it doesn’t need to be the fade, it can be any of our blue, purple, pink combinations. Enter as many times as you want but keep quality in mind. (Contest ends May 8th)

Looking forward to seeing your entries. John (Foxfirewisp G2 Photographer) and myself will be picking our favorites and I’ll be sending them out some prizes!

Good Luck!

G2 Jake

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