Berries and Cream Wolf

G2 Nation,

How about a quick update today? First of all we have the Berries and Cream Wolves dropping tonight at 6pm in the G2 store. It is crazy to think that we came up with this colorway back in 2012 on the Albatross and have been doing it ever sense. The colors have changed overtime but it never fails to impress! (If you have a berries and cream albatross please email us, would love a nice photo of it. I’ll make it worth your time.)

This week we you all are deciding who gets to go to the finals of the People’s Showdown, and will have a shot against Andrew Maider to win the $500! Click here to watch

I should be doing a giveaway very very soon for reaching 1750 subscribers on youtube, just trying to think of how I want to do this. (Saw we passed 1800 this morning!!) Maybe I’ll do it on the Elite packaging video I hope to release later this week.

Yes, those Blue Sky Elites you saw in the vlog are next on the release list. I have them assembled, just need to test and package them. No release date planned yet but I will post here when I have one. (If you had a dibs you want to use, make sure you email me soon)

Thank you all for your incredible support as we continue to grow and adjust. Hopefully these changes you have seen recently have give you a better chance to pick up a new G2, and shown that we are listening to your requests. We just needed some time to implement them, and we will continue to.

G2 Jake

P.S – TFW you make it to a UK club meet without leaving your home. Mustache

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