AL7 Banshee 22 – Oil Slick


The AL7 Version has some slight design changes form the original. It thinned the mid wall out and moved the material to the rim. 7068 aluminum was used and really turned this is in to a more powerful and stable yoyo vs what you see described below. (that was for the OG 6061 version)

What can I say about the Banshee 22? This was our attempt at modernizing the OG Banshee. It has that agility and float you fell in love with on the OG. Just better stability and spin overall now. It’s really dang good. Likely to be a staple in your EDC rotation.

Specs –
Dia – 55.5
Width – 44.6
Weight – 64.5 grams
Pads – G19
Bearing – Boss Ripper
Axle – 10mm
String – Diamond Blend
Finish – Diamond Blasted

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